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Hi, I am Anand Kumar

My name is Anand Kumar. I am a Growth Acceleration Coach.

I help Mid-Career IT Professionals to take their performance to the next level, make impact and get recognized in a way that accelerates their career and they live a life of growth, abundance and service.

I strongly believe that our results in external world (success, fame, money, relationships etc.) are a reflection of our internal world. I help people sow the right seeds in their internal world so that they can achieve the desired results in the external world.

So far, I have conducted 500+ seminars, workshops and coaching sessions touching more than 17000 lives and feel grateful to have gotten heartfelt testimonials.

My Mission
Inspire And Empower

Inspire and empower Mid-Career IT Professionals to take their performance to the next level, make impact and get recognized in a way that accelerates their career and they live a life of growth, abundance and service.

My Expertise
Performance Coaching

With over 10 years of intensive research and experience in the area of success, prosperity and happiness, I help Mid-Career IT Professionals to take their performance to the next level and grow their impact and contribution

My Community
Growth Lifestyle Club

A community to help IT Professionals, stay connected with achievers and learn world’s most cutting-edge tools and techniques to take their performance to the next level, grow their impact and contribution, and live a life of growth, abundance and service.


3 Steps To Take Your Performance To The Next Level

Step 1

Build A Strong Foundation

The coaching will start by building a strong foundation. Doing self-assessment to know where you are, deciding your vision, short terms and long-term goals, goals review and tracking mechanism, are critical for long term success in career and personal life.

Step 2

Develop Success Mindset

Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs which are holding you back and not letting you grow. Develop unshakeable confidence, people skills and take your performance, impact and contribution to the next level.

Step 3

Implement The Steps Of Performance Mastery

Learn and implement the sequential steps of Performance Mastery by setting up a plan, using cutting-edge tools and strategies and action.


We conduct various live programs which help participants understand what is stopping them from growing and then inspire and empower them to do more, achieve more and become more.
Motivational Programs

Looking for help on identifying what is stopping you from growing? These programs will help you understand exactly that and discover your true potential.

Group Performance Coaching

Every week I will equip you with the world’s most cutting-edge tools, techniques and strategies for enhancing your performance at work place, make impacts and get recognized.

One-On-One Coaching

Do you want to get the most of your life? Live the life of your dreams, a life without any limitation. I will coach you with step-by-step process to identify your passion, dreams and goals and equip you with powerful tools and techniques to live a successful and fulfilling the life.

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Launching soon…


11 Courses

Weekly Coaching

90-Day Challenge

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Everything in SILVER +

7 Advanced Courses

Advanced Certification

Tools & Templates

Tactical Knowledge

180-Day Challenge

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Trusted By Many Happy Customers

We all have unlimited potential inside us and how to use this potential in our businesss, is what i learnt from the trainings. Staying positive, goal setting and prospecting effectively have been my key takeaways. Anand ji is the magician of mind.

Nitin Pawar Insurance and Investment Advisor, Mumbaie

Nobody could have better explained conscious and subconscious minds than Anand Sir. The understanding of mental power, and how to use it effectively and efficiently has brought out a huge change in my thinking, be it professionally or personally. My selling skills has significantly improved. Thank you very much Sir.

Haswini Murali Sales Professional, IT Company

Your training program has proved to be very useful for my LIC business and personal life. It has helped me become focussed in all activities and stay positive in all situations. It has improved my interactions with prospects and customers leading to better relationship and more business. Overall I feel very confident in taking my business to the next level.

Ashokkumar P.Nadar LIC Advisor

Awesome to be part of this training. Not attending means you are losing something very important in life. Thank you sir appreciation, gratitude and blessings.

Amritpal Singh Entrepreneur

It was a wonderful training that I underwent. You have shown us the positive thoughts by demonstrating it physically with multiple exercises. You shown me the path to seed positive thoughts by taking off the weeds (negative thoughts which is in subconscious mind). Its like opening up the darken area. Loved E+R=O

Santosh Lal Axle Tech

The program is really good and convincing about all the thoughts discussed. It really brings positive frame of mind. One of my main learning is gratitude. It’s so powerful.

Prashant Tol ERP Consultant

I have attended Mr. Anand Kumar’s online program, remotely from the United States via Zoom. The workshop experience was wonderful and seamless, as if you were in an actual classroom. His powerful and dynamic presentation has left a lasting impression on me. The workshop has opened my eyes, teaching me the immense power of the subconscious mind and how can we make the best use of it in our daily life. Anand uses a very scientific approach in explaining the various concepts related with the brain and the mind, allowing participants to develop a true understanding behind the ideas and advice he provides. I highly recommend this life changing workshop!

Diwakar Mishra Process Manager at Titan America

Thank you for providing such a wonderful training. How our thoughts affect every moment of our life, was a big moment for me. How to set goals and use subconscious mind to achieve them have given me lots of confidence. I really feel, I can achieve any goals and live a happy life with family and friends.

J.K Shinde Design Engineer, Independent

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