A Few Words

About Me

Hi, I’m Anand Kumar.

I am a Growth Acceleration Coach, Motivational Speaker, and the founder of Growth Lifestyle Club.

I am on a mission to help 1,00,000 Mid-Career IT Professionals to take their performance to the next level, make an impact, and get recognized in a way that accelerates their career and they live a life of growth, abundance, and service.

I strongly believe that our results in the external world (success, fame, money, relationships, etc.) are a reflection of our internal world. I help people sow the right seeds in their internal world so that they can achieve the desired results in the external world FASTER.

I myself being an IT Professional turned intro trainer and coach, have gone through all the challenges, an IT professional goes through in his career and personal life. In order to change my own life, I have gone through lots of grind and training from world-class trainers which helped me unleash my inner potential and take my performance to the next level. And that in turn has immensely helped me grow in my career, enjoy excellent relationships with my bosses, subordinates, and co-workers, get recognized for my contribution, magical changes in my personal life and the list goes on…

In order to help others like me,  I have designed powerful courses which can help them grow their performance and impact to a whole new level, which accelerates their career and they live a life of growth, abundance, and service.

I have 25+ years of corporate experience. I have worked with various corporations in India, USA, the UK, France, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Russia.

So far, I have conducted 500+ seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions touching more than 17000 lives and feel grateful to have received heartfelt testimonials