Live Program



Objective of these programs is to help you understand your true potential, what you are capable of, and how you can remove all limitations which stop you from growing.

What will you learn:

  1. How To Use Unlimited Power Of  Your Mind
  2. Hidden Mental Blocks Which Stop You From Growing
  3. Why many IT professionals get stuck and fail to grow
  4. Principles of Success in Career
  5. Proven Strategies to enjoy excellent relationships with superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

Format: Seminar/Workshop

Duration: 1 Hour/2 Hours/4 Hour



This program is designed to help Mid-Career IT Professionals to increase their performance and impact. This program equips them with world’s most cutting-edge tools, strategies, and mindset they need, to take their performance to the next level and increase their impact and contribution.

What you will you learn:

  1. Build a strong foundation: Do self-assessment, Set career goals and create a plan
  2. Develop Success Mindset: Learn the unlimited power of mind, what you are capable of and use proven tools and techniques to attract success.
  3. Identify hidden mental blocks and demolish them: identify mental blocks that stop you from growing and eliminate them.
  4. Develop Unshakeable Confidence.
  5. Be Super Productive.
  6. Develop People Skills.
  7. Build and maintain excellent relationships at work place.
  8. Maximize Team Performance
  9. Achieve Work-Life Balance
  10. Reset yourself every day for PEAK Performance: Mind power tools and techniques, Handle setbacks with ease, Stress Management etc.
 What differentiates me from other trainers/coaches:
  • Most cutting-edge persuasive marketing tools and techniques
  • Practical and easily implementable steps
  • Strong focus on mindset
  • Weekly monitoring, support and accountability
  • Measurable results else money back guarantee

Format: Group Coaching

Duration: 2 Hours per week for 12 weeks



The objective of this program is to help you discover your true passion, dreams and goals and equip you with psychology, tools, strategies so that you can live an extraordinary quality of life, a life of without any limitation.

What will you learn:

  1. Discover your true passion
  2. Why you do what you do (Human Needs Psychology)
  3. Set Goals in all areas of your life
  4. Make vision board, goal book
  5. Identify roadblocks that stop you and overcome them
  6. Powerful mind processes – power nap (take 2 hrs sleep in 10 mins), wake up without alarm, develop concentration
  7. Daily Rituals for Success and Happiness
  8. Overcome Stress immediately using techniques developed by modern psychology
  9. Learn the Real Keys to Peak Performance and Success and strategy to remain in Peak State of Performance consistently
  10. Develop unshakeable confidence and take charge of your life

Format: One-On-One Coaching

Duration: 1.5 Hours per week for 10 weeks