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I have attended Mr. Anand Kumar’s online program, remotely from the United States via Zoom. The workshop experience was wonderful and seamless, as if you were in an actual classroom. His powerful and dynamic presentation has left a lasting impression on me. The workshop has opened my eyes, teaching me the immense power of the subconscious mind and how can we make the best use of it in our daily life. Anand uses a very scientific approach in explaining the various concepts related with the brain and the mind, allowing participants to develop a true understanding behind the ideas and advice he provides. I highly recommend this life changing workshop!

Diwakar Mishra

Process Manager at Titan America

I have started practising the Skills taught by Anand Kumar on the immense power of our very own “Genie” the subconscious mind. Soon became one of the witnesses to feel the difference. Things started falling in place. As if I am moving from this world to a dream world. Difficult to put words to best describe this experience. One truly must follow regularly and feel it for themselves. I did find solid proof myself this month on triggering the power of positivity from the roots of subconscious mind in more than three instances. Most important benefit which is guaranteed of all is the peace of mind in handling the life. It makes ones worries disappear and one will start focusing on the solutions.

Balakumaran V.

Regional Service Manager M/s.Ashok Leyland Ltd

Workshop was a boon for all aspirers.  I will implement in my day-to-day work to get more results. Pyramid way. You have a beautiful solution for every problem. You have stretch in a big way so that even the smallest person in the society gets opportunity by your words of enlightenment.


Corporate Professionals

It was a wonderful training that I underwent. You have shown us the positive thoughts by demonstrating it physically with multiple exercises. You shown me the path to seed positive thoughts by taking off the weeds (negative thoughts which is in subconscious mind). Its like opening up the darken area. Loved E+R=O

Santosh Lal

Sr. Engineer, AxleTech

Anand, every word that comes out of your mouth does so with such honesty and integrity that the participants know they are absolutely true and will work. I am so grateful for these morning rituals that you taught us. They make my every morning so beautiful. As I do them, I feel such contentment and bliss. Thank you

Anitha Rao

Yoga Teacher

Just wanted to share this with everyone 😊, Miracles and magic is what you’ll find when you set your mind on it.I have achieved my work targets of 12 lacs in a matter of two month when I had 3 months to complete them. While it has been a struggle for me every year, it all went with ease without even having extra trouble this Time. All I had in mind was to ask for extraordinary results everyday, and it was delivered. Trust me all the tools and having gratitude works for good. Thank you Anand sir

Lata Chawala

Tupperware Distribution Mumbai

I am grateful to have been taught by such an admirable person. You’ve inspired us to be better people and to always strive to do our personal best. Thank you for providing such an amazing session. We have learnt a lot during the last three days and I am sure by following the recommendations we can explore and bring the best in our life. Thank you.

Shashi Chaudhary

Service Country Head, Manz India

The workshop helped remove all my limiting beliefs and rejuvenated my passion to do my own startup – an abundance mindset of adding value to millions of folks around the globe. Must for anyone who gets contended at an early age. The ease at which Anand enables us is what I liked the most.

Siva Columbus


It is a great feeling to understand that tremendous mental power exists which I can use to better my life – all is not lost. Profound belief in my goals and myself, forgiving and being grateful can re-energize me.

Swati Toreskar

Business Consultant, Clarisity Solutions

I am very thankful to you for helping me realize the power, which is within me. This understanding cannot be measured in monetary terms. I will try to use the learning 100%. 

Prashant Koli

Sr. Accountant, AxleTech

Thank you for providing such a wonderful training. How our thoughts affect every moment of our life, was a big moment for me. How to set goals and use subconscious mind to achieve them have given me lots of confidence. I really feel, I can achieve any goals and live a happy life with family and friends.

J. K. Shinde

Design Engineer, Independent

Awesome to be part of this workshop. Not attending means you are losing something very important in life. Thank you sir appreciation, gratitude and blessings.

Amritpal Singh


Nobody could have better explained conscious and subconscious minds than Anand sir. Training with him has bought out a better understanding in terms of the sales cycle and sales procedures. There automatically builds a positive vibe while training with him. The line “peak performance comes from being in a peak state” will always remain in my subconscious mind while I do anything important. The understanding of mental power, and how to use it effectively and efficiently has bought out a huge change in my thinking, be it professionally or personally.

Haswini Murali

Sales Professional, LinkedERP

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend one of Anand’s online program. It was indeed an enriching and informative session. The technique of power nap and how you feel refreshed after that were the high points of the session. I would recommend his workshops for anyone who wants to manage stress and maintain focus.

Aby Mathews

Principal Engineer at Westpac

Thank you so much Anand Your Training was amazingly informative with duper Clarity of Thought.  You are a Genuine Heart Oriented Trainer. You give so so much value   and are genuinely concerned about the spiritual emotional and physical growth of your students. God Bless you May all good come your way Stay Happy Stay Blessed🙏

Zenobia khodaiji

trainer and coach

I think my life style is going to be changed very soon. You are an EYE OPENER. You are BLESSING IN DISGUISE for every one. May your message be hovered all over the world. Your birth is caused for the emancipation of Human beings, indeed. God bless you. ALL THE BEST.👍

PLEASE SHARE ME YOUR DRIVE CONTENTS, if possible, particularly the Evening 8pm prayer.

Sarvesh Kumar

Vice Principal at Gyan Jyoti School

The program is really good and convincing about all the thoughts discussed. It really brings positive frame of mind. One of my main learning is gratitude. It’s so powerful

Prashant Tol

ERP Consultant, Independent

I was quite skeptical to start with but those three stimulating sessions definitely did change me from being a doubting Thomas to believer. It certainly was an exhilarating experience and has opened up new vistas for approaching different things in life. I am sure you and your program will definitely transform many lives. Thank you once again and hope you be a beacon of light to many others.

Ritesh Bhagat

Business Owner


It was absolutely positive and very helpful for us to change the thought process and mindset of the employees. This was specifically very appropriate for our team members when they were in the negative state of mind knowing the changes in the organization. Practical session really helped team members to observe and understand the miracle of positive approach towards a problem and how to unleash the potentials using subconscious mind positively.

I could observe very positive change in our team. Team talking the words think positive and positive will come back to you, allow your mind to take the challenge is real example employees liked it and they just don’t want to get the training but they are giving a try to implement that and we must take that as a success of the session conducted.

Mridula Joshi

Sr. Manager – HR, AxleTech

It was a wonderful experience. You explained us how to improve our performance by increasing our effective leadership skills and be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s economy and business world. You also provided numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership in us and in our team.

The leadership training helped us to fulfill our potential through effective leadership skills in areas like: team building, strategic planning, decision making and more. You shared valuable insights, proven to work in a “real world” environment. You effectively made us understand the leadership skills to boost our performance every day. 

Prabhamyee Pradhan

Manager – Human Resources, Mahindra Sanyo

Anand joined us as a coach helping the Marketing Team on Problem solving and the Plant team on team building. Anand is a peoples person. He makes the audience comfortable in no time. Within a few minutes he was a part of the team and was sharing insights like insider. He helped the Marketing Team reflect by doing role plays. He is very thorough and comes prepared with management theories and relevant examples. In the Plant he had organised games which people on the shop floor could relate to immediately. Hence his skill to add value across levels in the organisation. I look forward to a long term association with Anand and his team.

Karan Thakkar

Managing Director, EcoCentric Management Pvt. Ltd.

I salute Anand Kumar for his excellent training and coaching provided to us. I shared challenges we were facing with our company employees and looking for some support to resolve the issue. He conducted one day workshop for our corporate office employees.. None of our employees can forget that particular day. He made everybody to play games, open up with each others, share their core issues with management.. Surprisingly, next day we bagged a very huge order only because of the positive environment provided by  Anand Kumar.

Hitesh Golcha

CEO, Vishal Productions

Your sessions are interactive and your facilitation skills keep the participants engaged. You have brought variations to the program coverage depending upon the crowd and your teaching style is in synch with the different audiences. Our employees feel that they are heard and their queries get addressed to satisfaction. Your ability to deliver the training content within the timeframe allotted is commendable.

Monika Bawa

Senior Director – Human Resources, Lionbridge Technologies